Saturday, 6 September 2014

Well done Birdguides website: coverage of Conference for Nature

Last week Sir David Attenborough gave the keynote speech at the Conference for Nature in London. 
There is a really good piece on the Birdguides and Guardian websites. Well done to them.

For more have a look at the RSPB website too.
Very relevant to the state of nature in Banburyshire just at the moment, with so much development planned for our area, to quote from Birdguides:

Sir David went on to cite the "great new challenges" that can be answered by three elements in society: "naturalists, who can tell you what's happening, who understand species and their requirements; politicians, who can help ensure legislation goes through; ... and business executives, [who] in myriad ways help and make sure businesses take account of what goes on around them and [who can] ensure products are in sympathy with the demands of the natural world.

That is the crux of the challenge for us: we need to be taken seriously by business and politicians if we are to have any chance of rebuilding biodiversity across the landscape, so it is not just confined to flagship nature reserve projects distant from us.   Can we find a way to make sure the new Cherwell Local Plan helps achieve this ambition rather than  just doing the minimum for greenspace requirements?
Meanwhile.....out in the field, autumn migration continues with birds heading south.  My highlight today was hearing blackcaps singing during a walk around Hanwell Fields "Common" this morning, then later in the evening seeing two wheatears hopping around the cattle grazed field at Grimsbury Reservoir.

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