Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Upper Wardington: welcome back golden plovers

I'm arriving home in time to catch the last hour of the sun's rays across the village.  I've been keeping an eye on the large arable field known as "Top Dawkins" - it is on your right as you approach the village from the A361.  When the field was ploughed a few weeks back a large flock of gulls descended in a feeding frenzy.  This evening the scene was more tranquil, a light scattering of new green shoots poking through the bare soil and catching the angled evening light.

Scattered across the field is a party of golden plovers, newly returned from the upland breeding grounds.  A delight to see.  I have time to get home, fetch the telescope. and enjoy them in close up.  83 in total.

They keep their distance so the photo captures the moment but not the detail.
golden plover

two herons over the reservoir
Earlier in the day a quick walk around Grimsbury Reservoir enabled me to capture a couple of grey herons in flight.   Not much else to report -  a few meadow pipits, couple of chiffchaffs and a blackcap.

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