Friday, 5 September 2014

Upper Cherwell Valley: gathering of the yellow wagtails

My first evening run home for a while was well worth the effort.  First stop Grimsbury Reservoir, where a kingfisher decided to sit on the concrete shoreline, perhaps a few perches would help them?  An elusive redstart finally showed itself properly after giving me the runaround with brief glimpses.  Thence under the motorway to the EA flood defence area, where the newish pool is attracting little grebes - the flock has now increased to eight birds.  Two whinchats were in exactly the same place as last weekend, presumably the same birds?  But a little further on another two; they have found this stretch of weedy grassland to their liking.  In the adjoining cattle grazed meadow a flock of yellow wagtails called loudly. The cattle then decided to run across the field, disturbing the wagails, the flock flying up in a "shreeping" group, allowing me to count thirteen before they disappeared back down into the tussocks of grass.

This blog is not just about birds but rarely do I mention mammals, but this evening I also has nice views of roe deer and a fox.  Roe deer are quite common in the local area and particularly 
favour the floodplain grasslands.  

Rewinding back to the earlyish morning, I also saw lesser whitethroat and garden warbler in slightly misty conditions at Grimsbury Reservoir.  A few meadow pipits and swallows also flew over on migration.

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