Sunday, 7 September 2014

Upper Wardington: lesser black backed gulls pile in behind the plough

Quite a busy day, making the most of glorious sunshine.  An early morning visit to Grimsbury Reservoir was pretty quiet so I took the opportunity to photograph a few plants.  A lesser whitethroat also posed quite well for me.
juvenile grey wagtail
lesser whitethroat

do I need to label these? dandelions
great crested grebe
Indian balsam
Next stop was Tadmarton Heath, where initially there was little to see until near the end of my visit I located the main flock of birds and a good selection of warblers, including garden warbler.  If you visit at the moment, take time to find the bird flock - they seem to work their way around the wooded and scrubby edge of the reserve.  I also came face to face with a fox.
poppy in the wild bird strip

garden warbler
Back in Upper Wardington late morning a large flock of gulls had gathered in a large arable field where the stubble was being cultivated.  I went back a little later to identify and count the gulls - the majority were lesser back-backed (over 500) and about a hundred black-headed gulls and just two common gulls.  Also in attendance was a red kite, three lapwings (my first to a while) and a few skylarks.
gulls flock in behind the plough
lesser black-backed gulls

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