Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Grimsbury Reservoir and Balscote Quarry: chiffchaffs in every direction

This must be very close to the peak time for chiffchaff migration through our area.  They are very evident, calling from hedges and trees with the occasional burst of song.  A misty Grimsbury Reservoir was otherwise pretty quiet, though a common sandpiper was running along the concrete shoreline and a few meadow pipits were about. I stopped to capture the dew laden spider's webs.
The chiffchaffs, at least three, had gathered in the tall crack willows near the boating club, also notable for a gathering of song thrushes - at least six.  The whitethroats so common in August are all gone, but a single blackcap remains.

In the evening a trip to Balscote Quarry nature reserve was very relaxing and enjoyable, and a chance to soak up some warm milky sunshine.  I had hopes of getting lucky and finding a wryneck.  Of course no such luck this time, but at least six chiffchaffs were dotted around the perimeter hedgerows and a very shy lesser whitethroat was tucked into a bramble patch.  
chiffchaff at Balscote Quarry
Some very smart tree sparrow boxes have just been put up, hopefully the tree sparrows will move into these and leave the sand martin tower to the sand martins!  
the new tree sparrow housing estate
Other birds included ten yellowhammers and a couple of juvenile kestrels.

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