Monday, 1 September 2014

Grimsbury Reservoir: terns move on but redstart turns up

Grimsbury Reservoir was pretty much bereft of birds in the early morning drizzle.  Not even a pied wagtail.  Just a grey heron, a few mallard and a pair of Canada geese.   The black tern and common terns have moved on. 

I returned in the evening in glorious sunshine and it was much more interesting, the highlight for me was my first redstart at the site, and third locally this autumn.  I snatched a couple of pics as it moved along the fenceline next to the grazing cattle.
female/immature redstart, a touch of the Tom Daleys here?
a more elegant pose
A robin was also harassing it just a little, keen to defend it's corner of the fenceline.  A greenshank called overhead but I couldn't spot it, similarly a kingfisher whistled from the river but remained hidden from view.  Also my first visit for a long time with no swallows, martins or swifts - they have headed off south.  No doubt there will be some more but I would expect much smaller numbers from now on.

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