Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Grimsbury Reservoir: ruff, dunlin and common sandpiper

A delight to find my first Grimsbury Reservoir ruff this evening.  A very elegant wader, this one a juvenile, with a juvenile dunlin (moulting into winter plumage) for company.
ruff and dunlin
I say the ruff is an elegant wader - long legs and neck, short/medium length bill, smart plumage - but this one did have a bit of a limp.  This bird will most likely have hatched out somewhere in the arctic fringe and is making its way south - perhaps to the west African coast.

Close by were a couple of juvenile grey wagtails and a common sandpiper.
Earlier in the day I took a new macro lens out for a play and got a couple of nice images in the centre of Banbury.
sweet chestnut fruit ripening, People's Park, Banbury
Oxford ragwort flowering behind RSPB Office, Banbury


  1. Hi Mike, your first Ruff at Grimsbury might actually be the first Ruff recorded there! I don't have any other records of any going back through BOS and OOS reports. Cracking bird to find here! Gareth

  2. Mike
    The Dunlin is actually a juvenile moulting into winter plumage