Sunday, 2 November 2014

late October: exceptionally mild weather

The past week has seen the warmest Haloween ever, with summer briefly returning to Banbury on Friday with temperature peaking over 20 degrees centigrade.

The gull roost at Grimsbury has quietened down a bit at the moment, but still huge numbers of corvids - jackdaws, rooks and crows swirling around in large flocks around dusk.

Lawyer's wig toadstools, also know as the shaggy inkcap, have sprouted from the well-trimmed lawns of the Thames Water treatment plan next to the reservoir.
shaggy inkcap toadstool

The golden plover flock at Top Dawkins, Upper Wardington, increased to 215 birds today. 
Yesterday, in the same field, over fifty lesser black-backed gulls were feeding in the late afternoon plus a single yellow-legged gull.
part of the golden plover flock (just before the heaven's opened!)

A tree sparrow has found the feeders in the garden at Upper Wardington, joining the gang of house sparrows.  Hopefully the word will get around that the food is good ("high energy, no mess", of course) and a few more will join in over the coming weeks.

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