Sunday, 26 October 2014

Upper Wardington: brambling in the garden

A better than expected day on the local birding front, largely thanks to the back garden being alive with birds attracted to freshly re-stocked feeders.  Lots of blue and great tits, chaffinches and goldfinches.  A male blackcap joined in the activity, pecking away at the over-ripe plums, which were also proving irresistible to the blue tits.

male blackcap feeding on plum
Then, what seemed to be a chaffinch showed a flash of peachy coloured plumage and a white rump: a male brambling - recently arrived from Scandinavia, and happily joining the locals at their food bar.  But he stayed in the background, not allowing me a decent photo, so  "record shot" will have to do.
record shot of the male brambling

The birds also delighted in bathing in our pond just beyond the kitchen window.

blue tit poses above the pond
bathing great tit
Also good news was the return of a decent sized flock - about 80 - of golden plover to the field at Top Dawkins on the edge of Upper Wardington.  A bight green carpet has appeared across the field with the sprouting of the winter wheat, but still a good crop for the plovers to forage amongst.

I made an evening visit to Grimsbury Reservoir to watch the gull roost - this time about 500 black-headed gulls, fifty lesser black-backs, four common gulls and a single adult yellow-legged gull.  The yellow-legged gull flew in fairly late on - about 5pm - just as the light was failing so no pics.

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