Thursday, 6 November 2014

Grimsbury Reservoir: goldeneye on a crisp sunny morning

Wonderful early morning sunshine and the first significant frost of the autumn created some lovely early morning views.  
A fairly quick early morning visit to Grimsbury Reservoir on my way into work was well worth the trouble, enabling me to add a new bird to my site list - a single female goldeneye.
female goldeneye

Great crested grebes now number six - the highest number this autumn so far. 
great-crested grebe taking a drink
A pair of mute swans were also in residence, swimming their way sedately to the far end, then taking flight to return to the near end.
mute swan take-off
one of the herd

starling in smartly spotty winter plumage
I nipped back to Upper Wardington at lunchtime and found a small flock of common gulls (15) in a small sheep grazed field next to the cricket pitch.  Nice to see and likely to be newly arrived from up north.

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