Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Grimsbury Reservoir: corvids and gulls gathering at dusk

With the evenings drawing in rapidly, my early evening visit co-incided with roost time for gulls and corvids, and pretty spectacular it was too.  Not to mention the full moon.

An added bonus was a calling little owl.

A conservative estimate of 750 jackdaws, about a hundred rooks and a few crows gathered amongst the cattle in the pasture field behind the reservoir.  Flocks flew in from various directions, settled for a feed in the pasture then retired to the adjoining trees for the night.
jackdaws and a few rooks
lesser-black-backed gulls in moonlight reflections
On the reservoir itself, lesser black-backed gulls streamed in from 6.15pm until I left about 6.45pm:  450 by the time I left, also about 250 black-headed gulls. 

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