Thursday, 15 May 2014

Upper Wardington: surprised by partridges

After a gap of several years, I have seen a pair of grey partridges close to the village. 

Driving back home on a beautiful calm evening I spotted the outline of the male partridge.  Not atop a pear tree - in fact somewhat less romantically - perched on a pile of (putting it politely) animal faeces.  It proved a good place to stop to take a couple of shots of the partridges, as on the other side of the road, a male yellow wagtail flew in and started feeding on the rows of recently cut grass.  It moved a little bit closer and let out a few "shreep" calls.  It was great to see the yellow wagtail as up to a couple of years ago they bred in the crops here.  So fingers crossed they will do so again.

Pair of grey partridge on the pile of xxxp

male yellow wagtail

evening light on barn - Hornton stone and clay tiles (taken yesterday)

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