Monday, 19 May 2014

Barford disused airfield: corn buntings

An evening walk in search of corn buntings took me along a footpath skirting the south side of the disused airfield south of Milton near Adderbury.  It is an area of rolling open countryside, with large expanses of meadow around the former airfield now protected by it's reincarnation as an MoD wireless station.  Cereal fields abut the airfield and create great habitat for skylarks, with yellowhammers in the short trimmed hedgerows.  The "bubbling" of calling curlew was a surprise, then a fleeting glimpse of a single bird in flight indicated they could be breeding here too.  It took a while for me to find a corn bunting, towards the western end of the path and well within the perimeter fence - hence the rather poor quality photo.  After a while a second bird appeared, and what seemed to be a pair then dived into the long grass.

Corn bunting


Hawthorn is in full blossom and contrasts nicely with the vivid yellow of buttercups and bright green of the fast-growing grassy pasture - seen here in a small valley leading down from the airfield.

Hawthorn in blossom

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