Sunday, 17 January 2016

First snow of winter

A few pictures taken in the local area over the weekend.  
Sunny Saturday and lovely lighting on a confiding robin.  Lots of redwings feeding in the pasture fields but they are proving hard to get photos of!
cock pheasant
redwing record shot
Snowy Sunday, dull light, fewer redwings, flocks of lapwings flying westwards and a couple of red kites.  In the back garden, tree sparrows increased to a maximum of three birds at once, and at least two great spotted woodpeckers, though the female looks like she has a growth at the base of the bill.
snowy landscape early morning
male great spotted woodpecker
female great-spotted woodpecker
Most of the local sheep are looking a bit muddy at the moment.  A flock of about fifteen yellowhammers around these sheep.
trio of tree sparrows plus a single house sparrow (top left)

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