Sunday, 10 January 2016

Big skies and fieldfares

Just a quick posting this evening.  An early morning walk around the Upper Cherwell was rewarding  - the past week or so has seen some shallow flooding and that in turn has attracted quite a few birds, mostly it seems to feed on earthworms brought to the surface by the wet conditions.  The floods aren't extensive or permanent enough to attract wildfowl apart from the resident Canada geese and mallards.  However, they are very attractive to gulls, especially black-headed and common, and a gathering of grey herons - ten together in one field is quite unusual here.  Other nice birds in the area around the flood defences included stonechat, green sandpiper, meadow pipit and reed bunting.

I made a quick stop on the way back to Wardington to capture the impressive shower cloud formations and watch a big flock of fieldfares (about 200) that were feeding quite close to the road, with smaller numbers of redwings, starlings and yellowhammers.
shower cloud

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