Monday, 28 July 2014

Middleton Lakes: Pacific golden plover

A mid summer treat for Midlands birders, a Pacific golden plover (in gorgeous breeding plumage) is currently the centre of attention on the Jubilee Wetland at Middleton Lakes.  Check out the Tame Valley Birding blog for more.  Spent a beautiful warm evening strolling around the wetland; the air filled with the calling of common terns, busy catching food for their fledged chicks.  A quick post with a couple of pics.
Pacific golden plover
...with reflection
Update Tuesday morning: this next series of pics courtesy of Colin Wilkinson
...with wing stretch, Colin Wilkinson
view of south est scrape, host to the Pacific golden plover, Colin Wilkinson
sunset across the Jubilee Wetlands, Colin Wilkinson
wetland view, Colin Wilkinson
Mike scoping the north scrape, The Lookout in the background.  Two garganey on show.  Colin Wilkinson
Other birds included about 40 adult common terns and ten juveniles, three ringed plover, two snipe, single green and common sandpipers.  Three yellow wagtails, linnets and reed buntings.  Lots of ducks, including several broods of tufted ducks, wigeon, teal, shoveler, little and great crested grebes, two little egrets (yes just two!).

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