Monday, 2 June 2014

Farne Islands part one: seabird close-ups

Wow the Farnes didn't disappoint despite mixed weather.  This afternoon we took the half day tour with a landing on Inner Farne.  Before we landed, we had a great introduction to the Islands - the tour taking us out as far as the Longstone lighthouse via great close up encounters with grey seals, puffins and shags.

We then landed on Inner Farne and had an hour to take in the wonderful bird spectacle.  Arctic terns were nesting right next to the path and dive bombed on us as we walked through the colony.  Many had numbered nest sites marked with painted stones.  Puffins and shags were much in evidence, whilst Sandwich terns kept a safer distance away from the paths.  The birds were incredibly confiding and made great studies for the photographers.  There were several enthusiasts with professional level gear engrossed in their subjects.

A rain shower dampened the scene and added some drama.  Droplets of water gathered on the bird's waterproof feathering creating the opportunity for some rather nice portraits.

I'll post some of the pics when I'm back home, in the meantime here are a few taken with the iPad camera.  Tomorrow morning we have another half day trip, this time with an hour on Staple Island.

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